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Perfect for when screenshots will speak louder than words.

Use multiple screenshots to tell your story. Mark them up, add some text and export them as a document to PDF, Word or Dropbox. You can also send them to Evernote, Wordpress or the web. It's the app you never knew you needed.

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Clarify 2 is a Faster, Simpler Alternative to Screen Recording

You need to communicate clearly and quickly. But creating screen recordings and messing with formatting in Word can be time consuming and frustrating. That is why we created Clarify 2 - so that you could create better visual communications faster.


Upgrading to Clarify 2 is simple

  • From ScreenSteps 2.9

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  • From Clarify 1

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No fussing with multiple apps

No fussing with multiple applications

In the past, creating visual documents like the ones you create with Clarify required the use of multiple applications that were difficult to integrate together. Clarify streamlines screen capture, image editing and document authoring and combines it into a single, beautiful, simple workflow. What used to take hours takes minutes.

“I LOVE THE CLARIFY APP. I like it so much, it makes me nostalgiangry (I'm mad it wasn't around when I started my business). :-)”

Ben Chestnut - MailChimp

Ben Chestnut Cofounder, MailChimp

“LOVE Clarify. Took me 3 minutes to do what would usually take 30 minutes! Clients are happy, which makes me happy!”

Zoli Honig

Zoli Honig via @Twitter

“The App is genius! Just created an instructional document that would have been 6 paragraphs of exposition otherwise. Thank you!”


@mostlymuppet via Twitter

Macworld4 out of 5 mice!

MashableTop 10 Best Mac Apps of 2011

Time Management NinjaBest Utility App of 2011

Little time savers that add up quickly

Clarify is full of small features that save you precious minutes each day. Here are just a few:

  • Replace images inline in your document
  • Cycle through your capture history to capture multiple screenshots of the same size
  • All annotations are non-destructive
  • Easily reorder, delete or insert steps (images and text) in your document

Share Effortlessly

Clarify takes the fastest, most direct path to getting information out of your head and into your customer's or co-worker's hands. Share your document as a PDF file, email, or on the web via Dropbox or our free image sharing service.


Create how-to's for customers

Answering a co-worker’s question or explaining something to a customer is simple. Take as many screenshots  as you need so there is never any confusion.

Create instructions for employees

Preparing standard operating procedures for employees and contractors is simple. Use a screenshot to explain each step so they will never be lost.

Prepare screenshots for presentations

Quickly assemble, edit and prepare screenshots for presentations or screen casts. Telling a story with screenshots is way more powerful than just text.