Capture many images


Clarify makes capturing screenshots simple and fast. Use the capture button, keyboard shortcut, or status menu (Mac) or toolbar icon (Windows) to quickly capture images.

The Clarify capture tool even has advanced features:

  • A countdown timer which is great for capturing menus, drag operations
  • A capture region history which lets you quickly capture multiple screenshots that are all the same height and width
  • The option to capture a region or a window
  • The option to include or remove the mouse cursor in your captures

In addition to capturing new screenshots, you can also drag existing photos or images onto your Clarify document to import them.

Each capture becomes a step in your document


Clarify has one important difference that sets it apart from other screen capture applications. When you capture images, you aren't just saving individual image files, you are creating a document. Each image you capture becomes a Step in your document. You can reorder, insert or delete steps as you create your communication.

Add annotations and text


All the tools you need to mark up your images are right inside Clarify. Add arrows, boxes, circles, highlights, text boxes and blur out sensitive information. All of your annotations are non-destructive so you can go back and edit them at any time.

Clarify's image editing tools also let you resize, crop, add additional padding, and add picture frames or borders.

Add text


Since Clarify is part screen capture tool and part text editor, you can add text to each part of your document.

Share and export your document


When it is time to share your document, we give you a few options.

Share it on the web

Share via Dropbox and get a public URL back that you can instantly send to anyone. Here's an example of a document shared on Dropbox

Use our free Clarify-it.com service to share your document online. All of the images and HTML are created for you - you just get a URL back that you can share anywhere. Here's an example of a document shared on Clarify-it.com.

If you have a WordPress site, you can publish a Clarify document as a post, page, or any other options your WordPress theme includes. 

You can also copy the HTML or markdown of a Clarify document so you can publish it an any content management system that supports source code.

Export your document

You can also export your document to PDF, Word, Evernote, or as a PDF in an email attachment. Here is an example PDF created with Clarify.

Copy and paste to email or word processing documents


If you just want to include the contents of your document in an email you can copy the document as Rich Text. Rich Text will include both your text and image data. You can easily paste into a new Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook mail message.

Other ways of exporting images

In addition to the export options listed above you can also:

  • Export all images to a folder
  • Drag individual images or groups of images to a folder
  • Drag images into file upload dialogs, making it very easy to upload images to web services

Great help is one click away


If at anytime you are stuck, great help is only one click away. Visit the Clarify help site to get great, visual tutorials that answer any questions you might have.

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