There are many free or cheap screen capture applications available for both Mac and Windows. Many people ask, “Why should I use Clarify when there are so many free alternatives?”

Clarify isn’t an application that you use instead of free screen capture applications. It is an application you use in addition to free screen capture applications.

Here is a simple chart that highlights the differences between Clarify and two popular screen capture applications, Skitch and Jing.

Feature Clarify Skitch Jing
Image capture
Capture regions and windows
Capture historical regions (?)
Capture multiple images into a
single document (?)
Organize screen captures into a sequence (?)
Image/Document Editing
Add annotations (arrows, text, boxes, highlights, etc.)
Add text boxes
Add document text (?)
Image/Document Sharing
Share images online Entire document w/ text and multiple images One image at a time One image at a time
Share documents online with multiple images and text (?)
Export documents to PDF (?)

So, why pay for Clarify?

Because Clarify gives you back the most valuable thing you have, time. By combining image capture, image editing, document authoring and sharing into a single, integrated application we help you communicate more clearly with less effort.

And that gives you back your time.

Clarify is mainly aimed at business users. Here are three ways that Clarify saves businesses time and money:

#1 You help people faster

Whether it is a colleague or a customer you can answer their questions quickly and clearly with Clarify. Your business becomes more productive and your customers are thrilled.

#2 You get help faster

The best way to get great help is to explain your problem clearly and succinctly. There isn’t a better tool than Clarify for clearly showing the problem you are having when you are seeking technical help.

#3 You get understood without email roundtrips

Whether you are working on a website redesign, an update to your application, or working through the sales process with a prospect, Clarify will help others understand you more quickly. Quicker understanding means work gets done faster, sales get closed in less time and the problems caused by misunderstandings are avoided.

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