Simple Privacy

Each document you share on is assigned a special, randomized url. No search engines or social networks are notified. No one will know the page exists unless you send them that special url.

This gives you simple control over who sees what.

  • Want to share a document with everyone on Twitter? Then tweet the url.
  • Want to just share it with a co-worker? Then just email or message the url to them.

It’s a simple, no fuss way of sharing your document online.

What is best for? is great for:

  • Sharing instructions with co-workers, contractors or virtual assistants.
  • Sharing customized how-to’s with individual customers.
  • Sharing bug reports or requests for help with companies or friends.

What is NOT isn’t designed for creating a blog or a full fledged documentation site. The only person that can search your content is YOU. So you can’t use it as a customer support portal. is designed to do one simple thing - instantly and simply share Clarify documents online. is our free image sharing service for Clarify. Here are answers to some common questions about


Why did you build another image sharing service instead of just using one of the existing ones?

Because we are efficiency nuts and there simply didn’t exist a fast and easy way to share multiple images online.

How much does cost?

The basic service is free for all Clarify users.

There will also be a premium version that will include features such as custom branding and team accounts. The premium version will have a monthly or yearly subscription price.

How do I create an account?

Just click on the share button in Clarify. You will be prompted to create an account from within the software.

When I share my documents on are they public?

Each document you share on generates a random url. Users can only see your shared document if you share that url with them. doesn’t have any way for visitors to search your content.

What happens if someone comes to my account page?

They will be sent to a login page. People need to visit a url that includes the random code for your document. Once they view that document they can’t browse any other documents on your account. They would need the random code for each document.

How do people get the random url for my documents?

You send it to them.

Can I delete documents from


Can I create a documentation site with

No. is designed for sharing documents with individuals and providing quick instructions. If you need to create a documentation site then we suggest you look at our ScreenSteps Live product.

What happens when I make changes to a Clarify document and re-share it?

If the document has already been shared to then it is updated. Your unique url stays the same for the document.


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