Clarify helps you create communications that are organized, brief and clear. Clarify is the perfect tool whenever adding screenshots and pictures would make your communication more clear.

With Clarify you share your communications in two ways:

  1. You can copy your Clarify document and insert it into any program that accepts RTF formatted text (Mail, Evernote, Pages, etc.)
  2. You can share your document online with our free service, and then share the URL via Twitter, Google+, instant message or anywhere else on the web.

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About Blue Mango

Blue Mango Learning Systems consists of two brothers, Greg and Trevor DeVore. We have been creating visual communication tools since 2003. Our flagship product is ScreenSteps, a tool for creating software documentation out of screenshots.

We use ScreenSteps and ScreenSteps Live to communicate with our customers on a daily basis by creating and delivering fantastic documentation. But we realized that we wanted a faster, simpler tool for situations where simpler communications were all we needed. That is why we created Clarify.

Blue Mango Learning Systems is based in McLean, Virginia.