Sales of New Clarify Licenses will End February 17th

Posted by Greg DeVore

As part of the process of winding down the Clarify product, we will discontinue sales of new licenses on Feb. 17th, 2018.

What will happen to existing license owners?

Clarify will continue to work and we may still release additional maintenance releases. You will also continue to be able to download Clarify installers from our website.

The only change it that people will not be able to purchase additional Clarify licenses.

Why won't you sell new licenses?

The reason has to do with licensing. Clarify uses a licensed software engine for generating PDF files. In order to sell Clarify we have always paid a license fee for the use of that software engine. If we were to continue to sell Clarify licenses we would need to renew our license agreement. Since we are discontinuing the Clarify product it doesn't make financial sense to renew the license for the PDF engine.